EXCHY is the future of crypto-currency exchanges.
49% of EXCHY is owned by its customers.

Unlimited Exchange, Unlimited Trading

Check out what you can do with Exchy!


With Exchy you have the power, you can choose an Exchange or Trading with leverage.

Faster than a camera

No time in orders to seize every opportunity. Deposits and withdrawals are also fast due to the low confirmation required.

Tiny Fee

The fees are 0.10% for exchange and 0.20% for trading. Withdrawals are charged at fair prices. The rest ... it's free, even to add a coin !

Apps, Apps !

Finally exchange and trading of crypto-currency available on iOS and Android ! But also on computer, anyway !

It will be about that !

Trade and exchange your coins on Exchy at a tiny price!

Exchy, we share ?

Exchy is the first trading platform to be 49% owned by its investors !

Tiny Fee, but imposing its style.

Exchy to great atmosphere for us, here is a picture representing the profit per year hoped for.

We expect a profit of $ 75 millions in the first year thanks to our massive advertising campaign on FaceBook, Twitter and Youtube but also on Snapchat.

We're gonna hear us !

More than an innovation, a revolution .

We new friends!

But who are his people who owns 49% of EXCHY? It's you !

You want to be part of Exchy, you will learn about the concept and how to reach us.

What is the EXCHY token ?

EXCHY token is the shares owned by the EXCHY investors, more someone owns a token, more its share in EXCHY is large.

What is the advantage of owning EXCHY ?

49% of EXCHY is owned by its investors. Owning tokens means having a share of the EXCHY profits.

How many EXCHY tokens are there ?

49.000.000 Token | 1.000.000 Token mean you have 1% of EXCHY

What happens if all the tokens are not sold ?

The others will simply be destroyed. The 49% of the shares will then be divided between the tokens already sold.

If i have Exchy Token, can i sell them ?

You will be able to kepp for dividend or sell your shares on Exchy.com. (EXCHY/BTC, EXCHY/ETH, EXCHY/LTC)

How much cost EXCHY Token ?

1 Token = 0.50$, we propose 49% for only 24.5M

how much can I hope to win ?

compared to our estimates here is how much you can receive in dividend.

2018 : 0.75$/Token

2019 : 2.00$/Token

2020 : 5.00$/Token

2021 : 10.00$/Token

when will I receive my dividend and how ?

The distribution of the tokens will be done on your Exchy account, an e-mail will be sent to you with your access code at the launch of Exchy. You will receive your payment in Bitcoin on the 1st of the month.

How can i buy EXCHY Token ?

You can purchase EXCHY by clicking here :

Stop waiting.
Start invest.